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Put your wallet away and enjoy the day! Join us from 12-6pm for specialty dishes, beer and wine tastings, and the perfect view of the stage.

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Chateau Maris Biodynamic Wine Tasting

Chateau Maris was founded on the principle of making the best wines while working in harmony with nature. They discovered that biodynamic techniques were the best way to achieve this. Thanks to these methods, their grape vines are healthier, stronger, and produce the highest quality of grapes. Chateau Maris is now a 79-acre estate divided into a multitude of small vineyards on the hillside above the village of La Liviniere, the first Cru Classe of the Minervois, in the Languedoc region. They will taste our VIPs on their wine while walking through the intricacies of biodynamic wine making.


Saint Goerge Spirits Tasting

Saint George takes an artisanal approach to all of their spirits, working on copper pot stills that give them tremendous command over the distillation process. They watch their stills carefully, tasting as they go and discarding anything that’s less than absolutely sublime. Their goal is to maximize flavor and aroma, not profitability. It’s an artisanal process that results in a better-tasting product. They will be conducting a private tasting for our VIPs that is designed to help you learn how to approach and appreciate spirits.

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Tasting with Aaron Burr Cidery

“The Cidery”, which produces Aaron Burr Cider in Wurtsboro, New York, is a small homestead farm dating back to the early 1800s. Their tenure on this land began in 2006 with the planting of a cider-orchard. They use their apples and other locally grown and foraged apples for one mission: to re-create “true cider”, the rightful table wine of our land. They will be tasting our VIPs on some of the most interesting ciders CoolVines has come across- you don’t want to miss it!


Private Cooking Demonstration and Tasting by Italian Products & Beyond

Italian Products was established in Bologna in 1994 by Stefano Frascari as a way to share some culinary delicacies with his friends in New York. On August 10th, they will be joining us at the Powerhouse Art and Wine Festival to showcase food from several small, artisanal manufacturers around Italy to our VIP guests, featuring a fresh truffle pasta cooking demonstration and tasting!

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Chocolate Tasting with Vintage Plantations

Vintage Plantations was founded by Pierrick Chouard, a Jersey City local! Pierrick is a passionate chocolatier and sailor who lives on his gorgeous sail boat in the Liberty Landing Marina.

Vintage Plantations supports the small chocolate industry in countries where the chocolate originates by re-designing the cocoa commodity chain, thereby aiding farmers to adopt better farm management practices, protect the environment, ensure crops are free of harmful chemicals, and maximize their income in order to encourage the farmers’ optimal re-investment in the development of high-quality chocolate. In short, Vintage Plantations has pioneered the renewal of artisan, batch chocolate making. Pierrick will be joining us at Powerhouse Art and Wine Festival to taste our VIP guests on his artisanal, hand-crafted chocolate, including a brand new chocolate line that he will be launching for the first time that day!


Meet the artist: Shuling

We will have a special guest artist, Shuling, in attendance as a partner of Vintage Plantations. Shuling was raised in a traditional town in Chaoshan in the tropical south of China and started painting when she was 12. She will be showcasing her Caicai 采采 collection for our VIPs, which will be featured on Vintage Plantation’s newest chocolate line!

Caicai is from “The Book of Songs”- a Chinese poem book, describe the luxuriant appearance of wild grass. This series is inspired by moments spent in nature in Ireland and Shelter Island in New York. Creating the work is long and meditative process through which she tries to express the spirit, movement, and light of those brief moments.